Who We Are


We are dedicated to developing and building our brand so that it becomes synonymous with quality and authority. 

Our mission is to empower fighters, both the competitors and the passionate, with a range of fightwear clothing that meets the toughest demands of the mats without compromising our aesthetic. The results of our blood, sweat and tears from decades on the mats will ultimately benefit our customers as we ensure they are at the receiving end of the best we can produce.


Our ideals are born from the mats and we champion the very essence of Jiu Jitsu, celebrating the balance between discipline and triumph. Our fightwear is an evolution of decades of dedication to this sport. 

Although our belts are stained black from the decades of training, we lead belts from a variety of colours, but most importantly we understand what BJJ means and how important our fightwear is to the statement we make each time we challenge ourselves on the mats.

Our research to establish who could meet our vision, combining both our aesthetic ambitions whilst ensuring a quality build sent us across the world in search of an appropriate manufacturer.


Why compromise on the one aspect of your sport that defines who you are?


All our clothing has been tested before sale to ensure they meet the stringent requirements of sparring and competing. Pulled, pushed, stretched and wrecked – they do not lose shape!


Fight after fight, our products are designed to last not only countless matches, but also the rigours of 100’s of wash cycles. Manufactured to a quality standard, we’ve chosen our materials wisely.


Despite our claims of durability there’s an unmissable delicacy to our designs. We’re proud of our new brand and feel it matches our rashguards design beautifully.

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