Freddie Sykes

Englishman in London, UK

How old are you?


Tell us a bit about your BJJ history.
 Daren “Faisca ” Bartlet a Mauricio Gomes blackbelt and filmmaker of Tradicao, the rise of a Gracie fighter trained weights with me at a studio in Hoxton and kept on pushing me to train BJJ. I’d fought in Karate and boxed a little so I was no stranger to martial arts but I didn’t like the look of it and it took me 6 months to finally try it. I bought a Gi and trained the very next day and nearly everyday since.

Why did you stick with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? 
Jiu jitsu is the most modern progressive martial art there is. When was the last time a new Karate move was invented? By a monk 300 years ago? As I’m writing this someone is developing a position in BJJ.

And you chose to be associated with Grab and Pull because….?
 Cesar, the owner and head instructor at RGA Gymbox is a cool guy and when I Joined from Gracie Barra he and the other instructors changed my game completely! The brand is a representation of the hard working guy he is. Its quality tested and I’m happy to be involved from the start.

One sentence that sums up your approach to life and sport:
 Don’t let anyone or anything steal your sparkle . Leave it all behind when you step on the mat.

One interesting fact that no one would know about you:
 Redacted (lol)

Competition Background

Ibjjf British Nationals gold 2015

bjjf British Nationals Gold
 2016 and bronze in absolute

British open 2016 Gold

Ibjjf Gothenburg open 2015 silver

Ibjjf Gothenburg open 2015

Bronze open weight

Ibjjf London open 2015 gold
 3x N
AGA belt winner
 Dorset n Hants open 2015 silver in division and bronze absolute

Brighton open 2016 gold in division and Silver in absolute

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