Igor Terreco

Brazilian in London, UK

How old are you?

Tell us a bit about your BJJ history.
 I started Jiu Jitsu when I was 14 years old as a form of fitness and self defence. I’ve never done any other form of matial arts before so everything was new to me. I was first introduced to it surprisingly here in the UK even though i lived in Brazil. My first coach was Whilian Santos a now Cesar Lima brown belt at Vie academy. He would sneak me into the gym on Saturdays to train with him and now one of my professors Max Lima as no kids were allowed to train at the gym. I never missed any of the classes and when the instructors saw that I was serious about training they took responsibility for me even though the gym wouldn’t let me train there.

Why did you stick with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? 
To be honest it was probably the atmosphere it was a fun place to be, everyone was friendly they took me out of my shell and showed me how to break someone’s arm.

And you chose to be associated with Grab and Pull because….?
 I’ve seen Grab and Pull growing and evolving through the years and it’s something that I can relate to while wearing the gi.

One sentence that sums up your approach to life and sport:
 Work hard, laugh well, eat fine and dance often.

One interesting fact that no one would know about you: 
I used to be blond.

Competition Background

Grapplers showdown 2011 2xGold

British open 2011 Gold

British open 2012 Bronze

London Bjj pro cup 2013 Gold

Abu dabhi trials 2013 Gold

British nationals 2013 Bronze

Keeps open 2014 Gold

Surrey open 2014 Gold

Newquay open gi / nogi 2014
 7x gold

Feather gold

Light gold

Absolute gold

No gi
Feather gold

Light gold

Absolute gold

Superfight winner gold

Toukon fight invitation 2014 winner

Tuff invitational 2014 winner

Brighton open 2012, 2013, 2014
 Gold, gold, 2 x gold

Naga pro devision 2014 Silver

British open 2016 Gold

British nationals 2016 gold

London fall no gi Silver

Kent open 2016 Gold and bronze


Cesar Lima Brown Belt 
Certified Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor
First aid work certificate


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