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Rogerio Lima

Black Belt

Brazilian in London, UK

How old are you?

Tell us a bit about your BJJ history.
 I spend 10 years of my life training capoeira, since I was a kid in Brazil  , and the transition to BJJ was smoth and having the capoeira background allowed me to develop in BJJ much faster , I have started training BJJ with Cesar Lima and Max Lima around 7 years ago.

Why did you stick with BJJ?
 Mostly I decided to change martial arts because I needed a new challenge , and having tried BJJ I fell in love with sport straight away, and the people I train with became a huge part of my life, like a family away from Brazil.

And you chose to be associated with Grab and Pull because….?
 Grab and pull is such a great brand due to the quality of GI’s and clothing that it provides and the fitting of the their stuff suit me much more then other brands, also I have a lot of respect to the ower of the brand.

One sentence that sums up your approach to life and sport: 
If it is important you make it happens, if it does not you make excuses.

One interesting fact that no one would know about you:
 I am a very good forro dancer which is a Brazilian type of dance.

Competition Background

European Jiu Jitsu gold medal 2016

European Jiu Jitsu bronze medal 2015

European Jiu
Jitsu Champion in January 2014.
and others;

Bronze medals European NO-GI 2014

Gold medal Rome Open 2014

Gold medal British Open NO-GI 2014

Gold medal London Opens 2013

Gold medal London Open NO-GI 2013

Gold medal British Open 2013

Gold medal English Open 2012

Bronze medal British Open 2012

Bronze medal English open 2011

Gold medal Brighton Open 2012

Gold medal British Open 2011

Gold medal Brighton Open 2011

Gold medal British Open 2010


BJJ black belt under RGA
Premier PT level 3

IHP MMA strentgh and conditioning coach

BGWL weight lifting coach


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