Steven Fage

How old are you? 50

Tell us a bit about your BJJ history. I started training traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu in 2007 when my son started learning it at school. I realised that I loved the groundwork the most, so moved on to BJJ after a couple of years.

Why did you stick with BJJ? I love the depth of technique in Jiu Jitsu and the chess-like interplay of strategies.

And you chose to be associated with Grab and Pull because….? I love being part of the Grab and Pull team.

One sentence that sums up your approach to life and sport: Get up early, go and grab what you want in life.

One interesting fact that no one would know about you: I get up at 4am every weekday to train BJJ before work.

Competition Background

At Brown:
World NoGi, 2016- Gold
World Masters, 2015- Gold
Europeans 2015 Gold
British open 2015 Gold
At Purple:
UK open 2014 Gold
World Masters 2013 Silver
Europeans 2013 Gold
British 2013 gold
At Black:
Grappling Industries Gi 2019 - Gold
Grappling Industries Nogi 2019 - Gold
London Open 2019 - Gold
Europeans 2019 - Bronze
London Open 2018 - Gold
British nationals 2017 - Bronze

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