Rodrigo Mariani

Rodrigo Mariani is an athlete from Fightzone London. He started Jiu Jitsu when he was 11 and has since started to stand out from the rest.

His first competition was in the yellow belt where he remained unbeaten two years, then rose to the orange belt, where he stayed for another year without losing.

At age 14, after having already won all competitions between his age, Rodrigo is awarded blue belt and begins to compete in the adult division against the best  best fighters in the world.

"I'm very happy to represent Grab + Pull. Thank you for the opportunity and for believing in me, I'm really looking forward to representing the brand in the competitions."

Competitions Achievements:

European Championship 2018 Champion (IBJJF)
European Absolute Bronze Medalist 2018 (IBJJF)
London Fall Open 2018 - Triple Gold (IBJJF)
World Championships Champion (IBJJF)
Abu Dhabi Grand Slam London Tour 2018 - Silver medalist (UAEJJF)

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